Meet the Medical Staff

The doctors are in. At IU Health Center, our specialty is treating college-aged patients. Our doctors are experts in treating the health problems that affect you. That includes unexpected sprains and broken bones or the occasional bout of strep throat or mono. We can also help you manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, allergies, or asthma.

  • Diana Ebling, M.D.

    Diana Ebling, M.D.

    Ball State University, Summa Cum Laude 1975, IU School of Medicine, 1979

  • David Burkhart, M.D.

    David Burkhart, M.D.

    Earlham College, 1977, CWRU School of Medicine, 1981

  • Beth Florini M.D.

    Beth Florini, M.D.

    Indiana University, 1990, Indiana University School of Medicine, 1994

  • Judy Klein, M.D.

    Judy Klein, M.D.

    Oberlin College, 1975, University of Cincinnati School of Medicine, 1979, Medical School of South Carolina (Internship), 1981

  • Beth Rupp, M.D.

    Beth Rupp, M.D.

    Goshen College, 1995, IU School of Medicine, 2001

  • Cathy Snyder, M.D.

    Cathy Snyder, M.D.

    Indiana University, 1980, IU School of Optometry, 1984, IU School of Medicine, 1988

  • Erin Leeseberg D.O.

    Erin Leeseberg, D.O.

    University of Central Florida, 1999, NSU-COM, 2004