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Peer Health & Wellness Educators

Peer Health Educators

The Peer Health and Wellness Educators (PHWEs) are a diverse group of IU students trained to make a positive impact on the lives of their fellow college students.Through health promotion and education, the PHWE students challenge their peers to improve their overall health and wellness through positive, interactive, and fun health outreach programs. 
Comprehensive training prepares the PHWEs to facilitate dynamic outreach programs; encourage physical, mental, and emotional health; serve as a healthy role model to other students; create informative awareness events; and promote community support to create a healthy campus culture. 
How to Become a Peer Health & Wellness Educator 
Apply Here.  
Each semester, students may apply through our online portal. Interviews will be conducted for selected applicants at the IU Health Center. Please contact Aran Mordoh (812-855-7338, amordoh at if you have any questions about the application process or program. 
Student Benefits & Responsibilities 
  • Gain extensive knowledge about health promotion theory and practice, men's and women's health, sexual health, mental health, nutrition, body image, alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs, healthy relationships, and stress management. 
  • Become part of a highly skilled, diverse team of students committed to providing accurate, open-minded, college-health information to the Indiana University community. 
  • Develop valuable skills and work experience to add to your resume. 
  • Develop specific teaching, communication, presentation, and group facilitation skills. 
  • Become a recognized member of the Student Health Center’s Health & Wellness Departmental Peer Program. 
  • Have an opportunity to contribute significantly to the growth of the Peer Health & Wellness Education program. 
  • Develop the ability to speak publicly in a positive, engaging, interactive, and open-minded manner. 
  • Develop the ability to function in a group, both as a leader and as a supportive team member. 
Key Tasks and Responsibilities 
  • Design, organize, and participate in campus-wide health promotion activities 
  • Design and distribute flyers, brochures, and other promotional materials 
  • Update PHWE outreach materials 
  • Assist with the Health Fair, DeStress Fest, V3 sexual health fair, and Cupcakes and Condoms 
  • Attend the required training classes during first semester in the program (Mondays, 4:00-5:00 p.m.) 
  • Attend weekly peer planning meetings during the following semester (Mondays, 6:00-7:00 p.m.) 
Requirements for Application and Acceptance 
  • Must be a first, second, or third year undergraduate student at IU Bloomington. MPH students may apply for Student Coordinator positions. 
  • Must complete an online application during the open application period. 
  • Must complete an in-person interview at the Health Center with the PHWE staff. 
  • Must be selected from our limited number of slots for the following semester. 
  • Must be physically present on campus during the semester following application 
  • Must enroll in the official training class: Peer Health & Wellness Education 
  • Although we encourage involvement in other activities at the University and within the community, applicants must balance their other activities with the PHWE commitment of 40 hours/semester (approximately three hours/week). 
  • The PHWE has limited spots. If you are not selected for this semester, you are welcome to re-apply during another application period. 
  • Must be able commit to a one-year program, with the optional extension based on performance.