Find practically everything you need to stay healthy on campus. The IU Health Center is a four-story facility that includes a full-service medical clinic, lab, X-ray facility, women's clinic, and pharmacy. Inside, you'll find everything from nutrition counseling to birth control advice. If you get sick, you can get treated fast at our Walk-In Clinic. See a physical therapist for help recovering from an injury. If you're stressing out over your studies, you can talk it over with an experienced counselor. You can even prepare for studies abroad at our international travel clinic.

IU Health Center specializes in care for college-aged patients. College students have special health needs. You're living and studying in close quarters, which means increased exposure to colds, flu, and other infectious diseases. You're juggling school, work, and social obligations–and that's stressful. For the first time, you're making a lot of your own choices about your health.  And you don't have a lot of time to spend waiting to see a doctor.

We're here to help. You can save time by making appointments or refilling your prescriptions online through MyHealth. And you can feel safe talking to us about any health issue, because your treatment here is confidential.

We welcome IU Bloomington students, their spouses, and their dependents aged 12 and older. You don't need health insurance to get treated at IU Health Center. In fact, for students who have paid their semester Health Fee, our care is among the most affordable options in Bloomington. You can even charge office visits, prescription drugs, and other services to your IU Bursar account. 

IU Health Center is not affiliated with Indiana University Health, its hospitals, urgent care clinics, or physicians. Your IU Health Fee benefits will not cover treatment you receive through Indiana University Health.  

Please note: The IU Health Center is NOT a Medicaid or Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) provider. In order to maximize your benefits with these plans, you must use an in-network provider.