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Crimson Corps

About Crimson CORPS

Crimson CORPS is a group of carefully selected undergraduate students trained and supervised by the professional staff at IU Health Center’s Counseling and Psychological Services.The mission of the CORPS is to promote a culture of compassion and action at IU, and to bring awareness to issues of emotional well-being within the student community. We do this through peer-to-peer support, advocacy, and outreach. 

Since its founding in January of 2012, Crimson CORPS has been actively engaged in reducing the stigma surrounding mental health, promoting awareness of mental health issues, and helping fellow students in distress get the help they need.Here are some of the ways we’ve done this:  

  •  Took a stand against negative body talk during Celebrate EveryBODY Week 
  •  Educated students and faculty about mental health needs on campus during Culture of Care Week 
  •  Mental Health Awareness Day 
  •  Advocated for healthy decision making as part of Culture of Care Week, Alcohol and Drug Awareness Day, and Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll 
  •  Educated students on stress relief and healthy coping during DeStress Fest 
  •  Listened to friends in more purposeful and deliberate ways 
  •  Helped friends and acquaintances feel less ashamed of their emotional struggles 
  •  Stood up in classrooms and at meetings and in our dorms and told people that it was OK to ask for help and that they are not alone 
  •  Helped friends and acquaintances get the help they need 
  •  Took action instead of passively walking by a fellow student in distress  

Request a Presentation

Mental health issues are extremely common among college students, but sometimes it can be difficult to know how to help a friend or someone else on campus. Is your organization or group interested in learning more about how to notice when someone needs help or how to help when you do notice? Our trained Crimson CORPS presenters will deliver an interactive 1-hour program that will help teach your members to tune in and take action! Participants will learn about mental health issues among college students, how to tell when a friend may be in distress, what to do when you think someone needs help, and information about the counseling and emergency services available at IU.

For more information on how to help someone, check out these helpful tips. Download here.

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