Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

For emergencies 24/7, call 812-855-5711
  • IU Health Center 4th Floor
  • For questions or to make an appointment (812) 855-5711


IU Health Fee Benefits

Your IU Health Fee entitles you to significant savings for counseling and psychiatric services at IU Health Center.

 With IU Health FeeWithout IU Health Fee
First two sessions (per semester)No charge$60 per session
Additional full sessions$35 per session$60 per session
Additional half sessions$25 per half session$40 per half session
Additional group counseling

$15 per 60 min. session

$17 per 90 min. session

$29 per 60 min. session

$35 per 90 min. session

Group Dissertation




per session

per session

ADD testing



First visit$60$110
Follow-up visit$35 per visit$60 per visit

If you are in couples counseling, the IU Health Fee will apply to both parties even if only one has paid the Fee. Non-couples counseling will be subject to the fees above depending on each person's individual enrollment status.

Appointment Cancellations

There is a $25 charge if you do not cancel any counseling appointments by 8:00 am on the day of the appointment. We prefer cancellations 24 hours in advance if at all possible.  

Insurance Reimbursement

The IU Health Center will provide you with an itemized bill you can submit for reimbursement. Be aware that health insurance companies typically provide policyholders with a document that verifies payments that may include dates of service, the diagnosis, and the provider's name. If you have any confidentiality concerns, talk to us.