Quarantine and Isolation Resources

What should I do about my academics during quarantine or isolation?

  • If you have any in-person classes, contact your instructor(s) and indicate you will not be able to attend class and ask for instructions on making up coursework you will be missing.

  • If you are in an online class and are feeling well enough to attend, please do so. If you are feeling too sick to attend, please notify your instructor(s) and indicate that you will not be able to attend class virtually. Also ask for instructions on making up coursework you will be missing.

  • If you are in need of assistance due to your instructor(s) response to your request, please submit a Care Referral and a staff member from the Dean of Students Office will follow-up with you.

Student Advocates Office

If you’re facing an issue that is affecting your ability to succeed at IU, you can get help from a Student Advocate. Student Advocates are retired IU faculty and staff members who volunteer their time and expertise to help students facing academic and personal challenges.

Academic Assistance

  • Withdrawal from all subjects.
  • Grade change requests.
  • Grade appeals.
  • Help students better communicate with faculty and staff, especially when addressing concerns.
  • Assistance navigating IU policies and procedures.

Responding to Misconduct Charges

  • Help students review and understand charges/sanctions.
  • Ensure students understand their rights and responsibilities.
  • Help students navigate the details.
  • Assist students in preparing for meetings and hearings during the conduct process.
  • Attend conduct meetings and conferences for support.

To get in touch with a Student Advocate call 812-855-0761 or email.

Pharmacy services

The Student Health Center Pharmacy offers competitive prices on prescriptions and can fill (or refill) prescriptions from any licensed U.S. prescriber. We also carry a wide range of over-the-counter (OTC) medications. We bill most major commercial insurances and if you’re an IU student and your account is in good standing, you can transfer your pharmacy charges and co-pays to your student account.

Services include:

Mental health resources

The trained, professional staff at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) on the fourth floor of the Student Health Center will give you the confidential support you need. CAPS is currently offering services by video/phone only. This may change during the academic year, as some services may return to in-person and others may continue virtually. Please visit the CAPS website for the latest information.

The wellness wheel illustrates a wellness model with eight dimenions: social, physical, emotional, occupational, spiritual, intellectualy, environmental, and financial. When you lose balance within or between dimensions of thw wheel your snese of well-being decreases and you can experience distress. Learn how the wellness wheel can help you pinpoint feelings of distress and direct you to helpful resources.

Learn about the wellness wheel

Learn how quarantine and isolation could impact your emotional health and well-being. Get familiar with resources and strategies that can help you cope with stress and review mental health service offerings at CAPS.

Looking for ways to improve your stress management, general wellness, resiliency, or mood? WellTrack is an app that offers self-assessments, tools to manage anxiety and depression, progress tracking, and much more. It’s available to ALL IU students for FREE! 

Download the WellTrack app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and login with your IU credentials for full, free, access.

Learn more about WellTrack

Try a CAPS online workshop! These aren’t group counseling sessions—they’re more like a class led by CAPS counselors. You’ll learn strategies you can use immediately to improve symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety, and to better manage problems that affect your success. These are FREE and held via Zoom.

View workshops

Pressed for time, but still needing some mental health support? With CAPS' pre-recorded workshops, you can still get the tools and strategies you're seeking on your time – no appointment necessary. From anxiety and stress management techniques, to procrastination and time management, we help you keep you with your mental health on the go.

Browse workshops on demand

CAPS is currently offering counseling services by video/phone only. We are only authorized to provide virtual counseling to students in the states of Indiana or Illinois at the time of the session. However, we can provide consultation to assist students with identifying resources in their area. This may change during the academic year. Please visit the CAPS website for the latest information.

All IU students who have paid the student health fee receive two free CAPS counseling visits each semester. If you’re a first-time client, you’ll also receive one free, 30-minute CAPS Now appointment to connect you to appropriate services. 

To make an appointment call 812-855-5711 or schedule online.

For crisis situations and/or immediate need of support, call CAPS at 812-855-5711, 24 hours per day to talk to a crisis counselor.

You can contact your local hospital emergency department or contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741741 .

If you’ve experienced a sexual assault or other types of sexual violence, call Sexual Assault Crisis Service, 812-855-8900, 24/7/365. It's free.

Staff at CAPS have prepared a video that discusses how quarantine and isolation could impact your emotional health and well-being. It will help you get familiar with resources and strategies that can help you cope with stress during this period and will also review mental service offerings at CAPS.