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Allergy Injections

The Indiana University Health Center (IUHC) will assist you in receiving allergy immunotherapy initiated by your Allergist while you are a student at IU. Your allergist will prescribe and mix the serum, order the dosage schedule, and either mail the serum to the IUHC or give to you to hand deliver to our clinic. We will store your serum in a monitored refrigerator.

Our allergy clinic requires an appointment for allergy injections. Please call the IUHC appointment line at 812-855-7688. It is our recommendation that you schedule several appointments in advance.  If you cannot keep your appointment, please call 812-855-7688 to cancel or reschedule.  If you do not call, a No Show fee is charged.  You can also schedule and cancel appointments online.

Read more about our Policy and Procedures for Allergy Immunotherapy

Charges for Allergy Injections are as follows:

Students with Health Fee*                                       Students without Health Fee

$14 for single injection                                              $19 for single injection

Each additional injection is $3.00                                Each additional injection is $5

*Health fee is assessed to students taking more than 3 credit hours during Fall and Spring semesters, and those taking 6 or more credit hours during summer sessions.

For payment options and insurance information see our website:

What you need to do: 

  1. Print the following forms from our website and give to your Allergist to complete and fax to IUHC at 812-856-8729. These must be completed and returned to IUHC before you can receive your allergy injections.
  1. Ask your Allergist for a prescription for an Epi Pen. You will be required to carry this with you when you come for an allergy injection. No Epi Pen = No Allergy Injection. Get more information about Epi Pen.
  2. For your safety, you will be REQUIRED to wait for 30 minutes after all allergy injections.
  1. You should report any of the following to the nurse before each allergy injection:
  • Any reaction to last allergy injection
  • Increased allergy and asthma symptoms
  • Any change in health status
  • Any new medications including Beta Blockers
  1. Do not perform any strenuous exercise the two hours before and two hours after receiving an allergy injection.
  1. Check out with the cashier or Kiosk on second or third floor after every appointment.

  2. If you do not keep the injection schedule set by your allergist and we must call the allergist’s office to adjust your schedule, there is a $5 telephone charge.
  1. Print the Student Request to Receive Allergy Immunotherapy form and bring it with you to your first allergy appointment.  If all your questions have been answered, you will be asked to sign this form letting us know you understand our policies and procedures.