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Immunization Compliance

All first year students are required to be immunization compliant. You won't be allowed to register for the following semester until you complete your immunization compliance form. Learn more about IU Bloomington's immunization requirements at

If you have questions or still need some of your vaccinations, the Health Center is here to help. We can provide the immunization shots that you need to become compliant. The Health Center also handles required TB testing for all incoming International students. Make an appointment online or by calling 812-855-7688.

Immunization Services

Immunizations protect you against infectious disease. As a college student, you’re at increased risk. Living, working, and studying in close quarters with thousands of other students exposes you to many new viruses and bacteria. We provide vaccines or boosters for:

We also offer tuberculosis skin testing and annual flu vaccinations at low cost.

We can do different titers (blood tests) to test immunity of certain diseases.