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Having a lab test? Click here.

Expert diagnostic testing is available at IU Health Center. Many conditions require diagnostic testing before treatment can begin.

To ensure the fastest possible care for patients, IU Health Center has a full-service lab to analyze blood, urine, or tissue samples. We can diagnose strep throat in minutes, perform tuberculosis blood tests, diagnose kidney or urinary tract infections, and even help you monitor your blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

See your family doctor, get tested here. IU Health Center accepts testing orders from any licensed physician or nurse practitioner. Just ask for your orders on office letterhead or prescription form with the provider's signature. Orders may be faxed to (812) 855-5872. You can also bring them directly to the lab.

Students that need Office of the Registrar required TB blood tests, or Nursing students who need Varicella Titers, must call first to make an appointment (812) 855-7688.

Fast, Confidential STI Testing

Many sexually transmitted infections (STIs) initially show few symptoms. So if you suspect you may have been exposed, please make an appointment online or call (812) 855-7688 to consult with a medical provider; together you can decide upon appropriate testing that may be necessary.

The IU Health Center provides both testing and counseling in one convenient location. Treatment is also available if needed. There is no single test for every STI. However, our lab can provide fast, confidential testing for a number of STIs, including:

  • Chlamydia and gonorrhea (don’t urinate for an hour before testing)
  • Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) (same-day results available)
  • Syphilis
  • Herpes
  • Hepatitis
  • Trichomonas

STI Testing Laboratory Fees

  • Chlamydia ($35 HF; $45 NHF) per test site
  • Gonorrhea ($35 HF; $45 NHF) per test site
  • HIV ($33 + $12 draw fee HF; $44 + $17 draw fee NHF)
  • Syphilis ($25 + $12 draw fee HF; $37 + $17 draw fee NHF)
  • Gyn Profile ($76 HF, $88 NHF)
    • Gram Strain, Wet Prep, Chlamydia, GC
  • Herpes Virus swab, includes type ($146 HF; $158 NHF)
    • For Herpes blood test, please consult your clinician.

For those not listed above, please consult with clinician to obtain prices.
HF = Health Fee paid for current semester; NHF = Health Fee NOT paid for current semester

Please Note: Although we appreciate your business, students are not required to use the Health Center’s Lab. Please inform your provider of your preferred Lab.