Meet our Medical Staff

Nurse Practitioners

IUHC NPs provide primary care, specializing in college health.  NPs assess patients, order and interpret diagnostic tests, make diagnoses, and initiate and manage treatment plans, including prescribing medications. 

The NPs are RNs with master’s degrees for advanced practice and hold Indiana licenses and national certifications.  They work in collaboration with the physicians.

  • Nancy Macklin, NP

    Nancy Macklin

    Texas Christian University, 1971, Indiana University, 1995

  • Karlyn Doty, NP

    Karlyn Doty

    Ivy Tech State College, 1997, Indiana University 2000, 2002, 

  • Cathy Fulton, NP

    Cathy Fulton

    DePauw University, 1986, Indiana University 1990, 1997, 2012, 2014, 

  • Bruce Garber, NP

    Bruce Garber

    Indiana University, 1977, 2005, Barry University, 1990, 

  • Cathy Garber, NP

    Cathy Garber

    Indiana University, 1991, 2005, , 

  • Carla McGee, NP

    Carla McGee

    Ball State University, 1981, Purdue University, 1987, Indiana University, 2002

  • Mary Lou Nierzwicki, NP

    Mary Lou Nierzwicki

    Valparaiso University, 1979, Indiana University, 1989

  • Sally Sare, NP

    Sally Sare

    Indiana University, 1993, Indiana University, 2004

  • Sue Stolz, NP

    Sue Stolz

    University of Iowa, 1982, Indiana University, 1988