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Tobacco and Vaping Cessation


Did you know Indiana University is tobacco and smoke-free?  This includes all types of vaping products.

Need help?  It’s FREE and we won't lecture you. You probably already know that smoking anything is expensive, dangerous, and risky.  We offer support, counseling, and free nicotine replacement therapy, including patches and gum.

According to the CDC, tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of death and disease. Many students feel stress from school, work, or family expectations and use tobacco for coping. We do our best to make the process of becoming tobacco-free as easy as possible by using simple nicotine replacement gum and patches in a judgment-free environment. 

Vaping products have exploded in the market causing an all-time high in this new addiction.  Users are finding it harder to put down due to its popularity and assumed "safer" message.  Addicts of this product are just as blind-sided when the cost and habit take over - Our services are available for this as well. 

Free tobacco and vaping cessation appointments are provided through our IU Health Center Bloomington office. Appointments may be scheduled for groups or individuals. To schedule an appointment, call 812-855-8230 or email

Learn more about Electronic Cigarettes from the CDC.

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