Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections include a variety of disorders which are passed from one person to another through intimate or direct sexual contact. Symptoms of these infections can appear in the genital, rectal, and/or oral areas. The genitals include the labia and vagina, penis and scrotum, or the anal region. Persons who engage in oral sex may also develop symptoms in the mouth and throat. Other areas that may be affected include the skin of the groin and the eyes.

It is important to know how your body feels, functions, looks and smells when you are in good health. This knowledge will help you to determine when you need to seek assistance from a health care professional. Avoid web searching which can cause you more anxiety and give you misleading information. Any unusual discharge, lump, pain or discomfort in the breasts, vagina, rectum, penis or testes should be evaluated by a health care provider. These services are available at the IU Student Health Center.

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