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Let’s Talk: Multicultural Outreach Program

Sometimes you just need to talk.

Problems with your studies or your roommate? Having a tough time adjusting to IU or just feeling down? Whatever you’re going through, it can help to talk to someone. 
College students can have many stressors--academics, relationships, depression, anxiety, and more. Currently with the political changes to our country, there are additional crises in the lives of our students. International students, especially those from countries highlighted in the recent executive orders, face tremendous uncertainty and confusion. Racism and fear are on the rise. Fortunately, support abounds on the Indiana University Bloomington campus and in our local community. 
If you need someone to talk to in this regard or for any other general stressors, a Let’s Talk consultant or counselor is an excellent place to start. 

What’s Let’s Talk?

As a student, you may confront issues in and out of the classroom that affect your ability to succeed in both your personal life and the classroom.  Often it can help to talk to a willing ear. Other times, you may need more advanced help. Either way, Let’s Talk has you covered with its two programs.

  • Let’s Talk Now is a free and confidential informal conversation with an emphasis on self-understanding and finding solutions to your problems. In addition to your walk-in conversation, Let’s Talk Now connects you to other accessible campus resources, both informal and formal.
  • Let’s Keep Talking is for when you do need more than just a friendly chat. Professional counselors are available to meet and address any more complex issues.

Who’s talking?

Our diverse group of consultants and counselors come from Indiana University Health Center’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and the School of Education’s Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology.

What’s the first step?

Drop in during scheduled hours at any of the locations below to talk informally with a Let’s Talk Now consultant about anything at all. It’s free and confidential!

Counselors are available to talk--not judge--and there’s no pressure to continue beyond this initial conversation.

Hours and Locations

For Let's Talk Now:

Let’s Talk Now is closed in the summer. We will return in the fall!

For Let's Keep Talking:

Let’s Keep Talking hours are available by appointment. Call 812-855-5711. 


Indiana University Health Center wishes to thank Cornell University and the Gannett Health Services’ Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), who developed the foundation for which we’ve based our Let’s Talk Program.  We are deeply grateful for their willingness to share this program and allowing us to build upon their great work.