Health Fee

About the student health fee

The student health fee entitles you to affordable, reduced-cost healthcare and other services at the Student Health Center for yourself, your spouse or domestic partner, and your children ages 12 or older. It will also work with your health insurance to further limit your out-of-pocket expenses for counseling and wellness services. The health fee is included in the student services fee and undergraduates automatically pay it at registration each semester if you meet the criteria below. Graduate students, check with your program regarding assessment of the health fee.

  • Fall and spring semesters: you register for more than three credit hours
  • Summer sessions: you register for six or more credit hours

If you are registered for fewer credit hours, you can receive the same health fee benefits by purchasing the health fee from the Student Health Center. Just visit us, call us at 812-855-2575, or email us at You cannot apply the fee retroactively to any previous Student Health Center charges.

What your health fee covers

The services listed below are available to you at no charge.

  • Prescription and over-the-counter medication delivery to all residence halls
  • Counseling services, including:
  • Psychiatric services
  • Wellness services, including:
  • One appointment each semester with a Nutritionist
    • These visits are free if you have paid the Student Health Fee, but your health insurance will be billed for its portion of the visit's cost. If you do not want your health insurance billed, then please notify either the provider or one of the cashiers when you check-out.
  • Outreach and educational programming for physical and mental well-being
  • Lyft Health transportation for referrals to area providers
  • After-hours call service for medical, mental health, and sexual assault services
  • Public health services essential for overall campus health


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