Allergy Injections

Get allergy injections

If your allergist has you on allergy immunotherapy, you can get your shots at the Student Health Center. Your allergist will prescribe and mix the serum, order the dosage schedule, and either mail the serum to us or give it to you to hand deliver. We’ll store your serum in a monitored refrigerator.

New change for Fall 2021

Starting on August 23, 2021, appointments will NOT be made for allergy shots. Instead, please come to the Student Health Center during "Shot Hours." Shots will be given in order of arrival time.

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Requirements for starting allergy injections

There are FOUR main requirements prior to starting allergy injections at the IU Student Health Center. All other requirements and information will be explained at your appointment.

  1. You MUST have the required allergy paperwork completely filled out before the first appointment. We will not give any injections without these forms being reviewed and signed by the allergist. 
  2. You MUST come during “Shot Hours" (listed above). We are also a travel clinic open to the public as well as provide regular immunizations to the entire IU Bloomington student population. In order to have adequate time to provide the safest care possible to each and every student, we cannot accommodate allergy shots outside of these designated times.

  3. You MUST have an EpiPen. Either the allergist can provide this or we can prescribe it at your first appointment. After the first appointment, NO shots will be given without the nurse seeing the EpiPen prior to injections being given.

  4. Shots WILL NOT be given the same day the serum arrives. Processing incoming allergy serum can take up to 30 minutes and needs to be reviewed by all nurses who give allergy injections. Please make arrangements to have the serum mailed ahead of time or, if dropping off in person, return for "Shot Hours" at least 1-2 days after serum drop off.

Allergy Serum Arrival to the IU Student Health Center Facility

Allergy serum, along with the required paperwork, can be shipped directly to the Student Health Center with attention to Immunization, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (We are not able to accept deliveries of serum on the weekends). The serum can also be dropped off in-person, prior to patient’s first appointment (see requirement #4 above).