Travel Immunizations

Stay healthy when you travel

Planning a trip abroad? Make time for an appointment at the Student Health Center, where we offer a full range of vaccines and other preventive medications at affordable prices.

Our travel clinic is open to IU Bloomington students, faculty, and staff, as well as the general public. Many of our vaccines are not available anywhere else in Bloomington.

You must make an appointment to be seen at the travel clinic. We recommend that you come in four to six weeks before your departure date.

Why come to the Student Health Center travel clinic?

We subscribe to TRAVAX, a national travel health service, which provides weekly updates on vaccine requirements, health recommendations, and regional travel warnings. We can keep you up to date with the latest information on health, political, safety, and weather conditions in the countries where you are traveling.

Our travel clinic is staffed by registered nurses who are trained in the special concerns and problems associated with international travel, and physicians are available for additional consultation.

We also have plenty of resources to help you prepare for your trip. Learn about topics like: high-altitude travel, insect precautions, Montezuma's revenge, and malaria prevention.

Get travel health answers

What to expect at your appointment

The nurse will enter your country destination into the computer and will print out the information about your countries. You and the nurse will discuss your trip, and together you will decide which vaccinations are appropriate for your destination.

A schedule of return visits will be set, if necessary, to complete the vaccination series. Most travelers will receive some or all of their shots at the first visit.

The nurse will also answer questions you have about health and safety on your trip. You will receive records of the vaccination received at the time of your visit. This may be necessary for you to carry with you on the trip or for you to get a visa.