Employee Services

Get immunized

If you’re preparing to travel overseas or just need to get your annual flu vaccination, we can help. Many of our immunization services are available to faculty and staff and may be covered by your health insurance.

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Have physical therapy

Having trouble with a hip, knee, or shoulder? Had an injury that’s affecting your range of motion? If your health care provider has prescribed physical therapy for you, you can do it at the Student Health Center.

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Get screened

We partner with Healthy IU, IU’s employee health and wellness program, to help you feel your best. If you’re a full-time faculty or staff member on an IU medical plan, you and your spouse or partner can get a free annual health screening right here at the Student Health Center.

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Fill your prescriptions

Did you know that faculty and staff can take advantage of our pharmacy? While there are some things you can’t do (have your prescriptions delivered, pay with a student account), you can get your prescriptions filled here.

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Get nutrition advice

We offer one-on-one nutritional counseling and other nutrition advice through a partnership with Healthy IU.

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Take care of your eyes

If you have eye-related problems like allergies, dry eyes, or styes, our eye clinic can help. While we don’t do vision exams, we’re here to help with acute eye issues.

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Stress got you down? Muscles all tensed up? You can get a therapeutic massage at the Student Health Center. Whether you have 10 minutes for a chair massage or 60 minutes for a full-body massage, you’ll walk away feeling relaxed.

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