Cost & Payments

Paying for services at the Student Health Center

Price ranges are listed below for some common services at the Student Health Center. Individual out-of-pocket costs will be dependent on your insurance carrier. Your student health fee entitles you to additional benefits with no out-of-pocket costs.

Two convenient ways to pay for Student Health Center services

Bill your insurance

We contract with each of the major national health insurance networks. We will file your claim and an any out-of-pocket expense you might incur may be paid with your IU student account, cash, check, health savings accounts, and credit/debit cards. If we don’t accept your insurance, stop by the cashier after your visit and pick up an itemized receipt to submit to your insurer.


Send charges to your student account

If you’re an enrolled student, you can skip the checkout line and have your charges automatically sent to your student account—you’ll pay them when you pay your student account bill.

If you choose this option, we will send an encrypted email with an itemized receipt to your IU email address. Look for this email a few days after your service.

How much will it cost to . . . ?

Please note that for some services, including those not listed, charges may vary based on the treatment you need. If you have health insurance, these are the charges billed to your insurer. Your out-of-pocket cost is determined by your health insurance plan. These costs are estimates only.

Medical services

Allergy injections
Service Approximate cost
Single injection $20
Two or more injections $22

If you do not keep to the injection schedule set by your allergist and we must call your allergist to adjust your schedule, you will be charged an additional $5 fee.

Gender-affirming hormone therapy

The cost of therapy is only an estimate for the first year of transition with gender affirming hormone therapy. Your situation may be different depending on insurance and other factors. Estimates below are for self-pay and subject to change. Certain laboratory testing and services may be billed by the reference lab, even if the specimen was collected at the Student Health Center.

Labs: Estrogen/spironolactone treatment
Appointment type Lab Approximate Cost
Initial CMP, lipid, CBC, T, E $158
6-week follow-up BMP $24
3-month follow-up BMP, T, E $108
6-month follow-up BMP, T, E $108
12-month follow-up CMP, lipid, T, E $133
Routine recheck after 1st year CBC, CMP, lipid, T, E $158
STI screening (may be done at any appointment) HIV, RPR, GC/CT (urine, pharynx, rectum) $143–$293

Laboratory fees

Prices include draw fee for tests that require blood to be drawn. Patients needing laboratory testing and services completed by a reference laboratory will be billed by the reference lab, even if the specimen was collected at the Student Health Center. The Student Health Center is not contracted to provide laboratory services for students enrolled in Humana Health Plans.

Most frequently ordered (non-STI) lab tests
Test Approximate cost
Rapid strep test $20
Mononucleosis $25
CBC (complete blood count) $35
COVID-19 antigen test $55
Lipid panel billed by reference lab
CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel) billed by reference lab
BMP (basic metabolic panel) billed by reference lab
TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) billed by reference lab
Testosterone (total) billed by reference lab
Estrogen (total) billed by reference lab
Quantiferon TB blood test billed by reference lab
CCMS (clean catch midstream urinalysis) $10
Rapid influenza test $40
Varicella zoster titer billed by reference lab


CAPS services

By paying the health fee as a full-time student, you get access to special Student Health Center perks. Review benefits.

Type of session Approximate cost
CAPS Now (new client appointment) $25
Full session $100 per session
Half session $80 per half session
Group counseling $40 per session
Emergency Services Appointments $100 for the first 60 minutes, $70 for each additional 30 minutes
Visit Approximate cost
First visit $185
Follow-up visit $160–$230 per visit

Wellness services

Wellness services
Service Approximate cost
Nutrition (first appointment) $60*
Nutrition (follow-up appointments) $50

*These visits are free if you have paid the Student Health Fee, but your health insurance will be billed for its portion of the visit's cost. If you do not want your health insurance billed, then please notify either your CAPS counselor or one of the cashiers when you check-out.

Canceling an appointment

Appointment cancellation costs
Type of appointment How far in advance to cancel Approximate cost
Medical At least two hours before $30
Well physicals and procedures At least two hours before $35
Immunizations At least two hours before $30
Travel At least two hours before $20–$35 depending on appointment length
CAPS 24 hour notice is preferred; at least by 8 a.m. on the day of your appointment $30, $15 for group appointments
Gynecological health At least two hours before $30
Eye clinic At least two hours before $40
Nutrition/Dietitian At least two hours before $30
Physical therapy At least one business day before $35 same-day cancellation; $45 no-show
Immunization Compliance At least two hours before $30