Allergy Immunotherapy Procedure

Getting allergy immunotherapy at the Student Health Center

Allergy immunotherapy is used to alter the immunologic response in allergic patients. The extracts used are individually prepared serums supplied by allergists not privileged at the Indiana University Student Health Center. It is the intent of Student Health Center to provide to patients the service of administrating these extracts under the orders provided by outside allergists.

Required forms

Patients requesting administration of immunotherapy extracts will complete the Student Request to Receive Allergy Immunotherapy form. This is to be given to the nurse at the first appointment.

The patient’s allergist will review and complete these forms and fax them to the Student Health Center allergy clinic:

Once these forms are received, they will be reviewed by both of our immunization nurses. The allergist’s office will be contacted for any order clarifications.

Allergy serum administration

The allergist will provide allergy serum in vials that are adequately labeled with patient name, antigen(s) name, dilution, and expiration date. The serum can be mailed to the IU Student Health Center or delivered by the patient.

Administration of allergy serum will be performed by a licensed IU Student Health Center registered nurse.

Allergy immunotherapy will not be administered unless an IU Student Health Center attending physician is present and readily accessible in the building.

The IU Student Health Center will provide the service of storing allergy serum for patients between injections. The IU Student Health Center is not liable for a compromise in the integrity of allergy serum due to handling before the IU Student Health Center receives the medication or for loss or compromise of integrity due to power outage, storage equipment failure, or catastrophic event. See storage criteria.

Consents and referral agreements expire at the end of each academic year (August 15).


All documentation for allergy injections will be written on the Patient Dosage Sheet and kept with the patient’s allergy serum. Current copies of the Allergy Patient Dosage Recording Sheet will be sent with all allergist correspondence. A copy of completed Allergy Patient Dosage Recording Sheets will be sent to the IU Student Health Center medical records department.

Storage of allergy extract

Allergy extract and the completed Allergist Order Sheet and Allergy Patient Dosage Recording Sheet are stored in containers clearly labeled with the patient’s name and university ID number.

The extract will be stored in a monitored refrigerator and kept between 36 degrees F and 46 degrees F.

Allergy Injection Safety

Patient safety is our utmost priority.  Therefore, we ask that all patients here for allergy injections adhere to the following clinic safety guidelines:

  • No allergy injections will be given if the patient is ill, febrile, has symptomatic asthma, or has sunburn or irritation at the injection site.
  • No allergy injection will be given if the patient does not have an EpiPen with them. The allergy nurse may give a prescription for an Epinephrine Auto Injector device if the patient’s allergist has not done so. RX: Epinephrine Injection USP 2-pak, Epinephrine Auto-Injectors 0.3mg.
  • Patients taking beta-blockers will not receive allergy injections.
  • The patient is required to wait for 30 minutes after receiving an allergy injection.

Patients showing signs of a systemic reaction following injection will be provided with emergency care,  evaluation by a provider and transport to ED if indicated. Epinephrine and oxygen available as needed for emergency treatment of a systemic reaction.