Accepted Insurance

Is the Student Health Center in your network?

We accept all Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans.

Lab services are covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield only when they are ordered by a Student Health Center provider.

If you have Medicaid

Please note that the Student Health Center is not a fully enrolled provider in the Indiana Medicaid/Healthy Indiana Plan, but the Student Health Center is enrolled in the Indiana Medicaid OPR Program. This means that Indiana Medicaid enrollees may pay out of pocket to be seen at the Student Health Center for their office visits. This visit is not covered by Medicaid. If you are a Medicaid enrollee and your Student Health Center provider orders additional services, writes a prescription(s), and/or refers you to a specialist, you must go to a Medicaid provider for those services to be covered.

If you have Medicare

The Student Health Center is not enrolled in Medicare.

If you have another insurance provider

Although we may not accept your health insurance, you probably have an out-of-network benefit that allows you to still be seen at the Student Health Center. Your itemized Student Health Center receipt contains all the information you will need to get reimbursed.

You can get a copy of your itemized receipt from the cashier when you check out or by completing our online form. If you opt to have your charges sent to your student account, you’ll get your itemized receipt via an encrypted email.

Request an itemized receipt

Prescription drug cards

We contract with more than 30 prescription benefit managers. Please contact our pharmacy to see if yours is accepted.