Resource guide

A guide for supporting students in distress

Concerned about an IU student? Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS) are here to offer support on how to recognize, respond, and refer students in distress.

  1. Recognize indicators of distress: Common indicators are listed inside. Students may present with indicators not listed.
  2. Respond appropriately: Each situation is unique. Use the tips and decision tree inside to determine the most appropriate response.
  3. Refer the student: Use the list of resources on the back cover to refer the student to the most appropriate campus resource.

Mandatory Reporting:

 In your role as a responsible employee at IU, any sexual or gender-based harassment, assault, or violence requires mandated reporting. For questions regarding mandated reporting, please contact the Office for Sexual Violence Prevention and Student Advocacy at (812) 856-6687.