Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

  • IU Health Center 4th Floor
  • For questions or to make an appointment (812) 855-5711


Your relationship with your student is changing. And that’s okay. The child you’ve cared for is now taking his or her first steps toward independence. It’s natural to worry. The most important thing you can do to help with that transition is to stay in touch and be ready to listen.

If You’re Worried about Your Student

If you are concerned your student is having trouble, there are many resources available through CAPS and the IU Health Center, from individual counseling to psychiatric care. Here’s what you can do:

  • Refer students to this website, particularly the self-help section. There, they’ll find online assessments that can help them determine if they may have a problem with depression, anxiety, disordered eating, substance abuse or other issues.
  • Encourage students to talk to a CAPS counselor. After all, if they’ve paid the IU Health Fee, their first two sessions are free.
  • Students need to schedule their own appointments. Counseling is much more effective when participants demonstrate they are ready to make changes in their lives.

Counseling Sessions and Confidentiality

As with any professional counselor, CAPS staff do not share what happens in counseling sessions. We will not discuss any aspect of a student’s treatment, even with their parents and guardians–except in emergency situations where their safety is at risk. We cannot even confirm if they are being treated at CAPS.

If students want to share information about their treatment with parents and guardians, they can choose to do so. All we require is a signed, form that specifies what information can be shared and with whom.

If you have information you think we should know, please don’t hesitate to call. Your insights are very helpful. Understand, however, that we cannot discuss their treatment without written permission from your student.

What Counseling Costs

Paying the IU Health Fee entitles your student to reduced treatment costs at CAPS. If your student is included on your health insurance, a portion of these costs may be covered. We provide your student with an itemized bill that you can submit for reimbursement.