Peer Health and Wellness Educators

Help improve health and wellness

Our Peer Health and Wellness Educators (PHWEs) are a diverse group of IU students who facilitate health promotion outreach education and programming to their peers to improve their overall health and wellness. They achieve this mission by conducting positive, skills-based, and interactive educational programs and campuswide events.

As a PHWE, you’ll work alongside health promotion professionals to gain experience and information about sexual and reproductive health, stress management, nicotine and vaping cessation, nutrition and relationship education, and alcohol and other substances.

If you become a PHWE, you must enroll in an academic training course the first semester, and the second semester you’ll complete at least one to two hours per week dedicated to health education field experience. You’ll not only build your resume—you’ll also earn course credit!

Have questions or want more information, contact Peyton Jeffers.

Meet the PHWEs

  • Major: Considering Social Work and Psychology
  • Minor: Spanish

headshotI wanted to be a PHWE to make an impact regarding the topics we work with because they’re not discussed enough, usually are seen as taboo, and too many people sugarcoat these things even though they are essential things to know, especially for everyone’s health, wellbeing, and safety. My favorite part of being a PHWE is the community aspect and being a part of something that has a significant impact on other people. Aside from being a PHWE, my interests include writing, sketching, watching horror movies, and working out/exercising.

  • Major: Human development & family studies
  • Minor: Human sexuality

headshotI became a Peer Health and Wellness Educator because I love being that person that my peers can relate too. I love public speaking and showing people how to stay safe if they need resources. My favorite part about being a PHWE is the people I get to work with because we always come up with ways to reach people across campus. Seeing the impact that we have on them is amazing. Besides being a PHWE, I love listening to Juice Wrld’s music.

  • Major: Policy Analysis with a concentration in Health Policy

headshotI decided to be a PHWE because I wanted to be part of a community that cares about student health and to gain hands-on experience in health promotion! My favorite part of being a PHWE is talking to students about health services and insurance!

  • Major: Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation
  • Minors: Political Science

headshotI decided to be a PHWE because I think the work that PHWEs do is really important. There is so much misinformation on social media that can lead people astray. I love being able to educate students on campus and be a part of something that is bigger than myself. My favorite part is hearing students say "Wow, I didn't know that." I feel that I have been able to make a small impact that will lead to something greater.

  • Major: Epidemiology
  • Minors: Sociology

headshotBy being a PHWE, I wanted to make a meaningful impact during my time at IU. Being able to help educate other students is super empowering, and it gives me an opportunity to answer any questions someone might have. The program planning will also help me along the way as I continue to pursue a career in public health! As a PHWE, I love meeting new people who have similar interests! A fun thing about me that I play three instruments which are flute, piano, and guitar. In my free time, I love doing solving puzzles as a way to unwind and destress.

  • Major: Speech and Language Hearing Sciences
  • Minors: Youth Development and ASL

headshotI decided to become a PHWE because I have always loved learning about anything and everything health related. I also wanted to have a bigger impact on campus in a way that I would feel like I had a purpose. As a PHWE, I love getting to talk to people about health and wellness and helping to destigmatize sexual health. When I am not working as a PHWE, I love playing with my dog Alaia and hanging out with my sisters.

  • Major: Psychology
  • Minor: Human Sexuality, Counseling

headshotI joined the PHWE group because I was looking for more ways to get involved directly with students here on campus and I really liked how all-inclusive PHWEs are for students. I really love the idea of getting to teach my peers about topics that are already so prevalent in our everyday lives but are also rarely talked about in an educational atmosphere.

Favorite part of PHWE: I haven't been a part of the organization for very long but I'm excited to work with these amazing people and help educate and help my peers here on campus.

  • Major: Biology

headshotI became a PHWE so I can be part of something to make our campus a better place for everyone. I also wanted to bring more diverse health and wellness education to the world. My favorite part of being a PHWE is the group, the people, and the impact our work has on other people’s lives. I love painting, fashion, and arts and crafts.

  • Major: Psychology
  • Minor: Human Sexuality

headshotI chose to be a PHWE because I wanted to raise awareness around sex education, and I saw this as a source to achieve that. Also, I have observed that students take their peers a little more seriously with regards to this topic as compared to their guardians or parents, hence thought a Peer Health and Wellness Educator is a great initiative. This also helps me connect with people with similar thought processes and interests. Besides this, I love to dance, travel and photograph.

  • Major: Nursing
  • Minor: Human Sexuality and ASL

headshotI chose to be a PHWE because I am very passionate about health-related topics, especially when it comes to reproductive and sexual health. I wanted to be able to share this passion with a group of people as well as share my knowledge with others! I love getting to interact with the other PHWEs in the program as well as plan and put into action ideas to help improve the way we can educate others. After graduation, I plan to become an ob/gyn nurse and hopefully become a travel nurse. I also love anything artistic/creative, playing rugby, and spending time with my friends.

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