Peer Health and Wellness Educators

Help improve health and wellness

Our Peer Health and Wellness Educators (PHWEs) are a diverse group of IU students who facilitate health promotion outreach education and programming to their peers to improve their overall health and wellness. They achieve this mission by conducting positive, skills-based, and interactive educational programs and campuswide events.

As a PHWE, you’ll work alongside health promotion professionals to gain experience and information about sexual and reproductive health, stress management, nicotine and vaping cessation, nutrition and relationship education, and alcohol and other substances.

If you become a PHWE, you must enroll in an academic training course the first semester, and the second semester you’ll complete at least one to two hours per week dedicated to health education field experience. You’ll not only build your resume—you’ll also earn course credit!

Have questions or want more information? Come visit us on the third floor of the Student Health Center or contact Heather Eastman-Mueller.

Meet the PHWEs

Jada Byrd headshotHello! My name is Jada Byrd, and I am a senior majoring in human development and family studies with a minor in informatics. After I graduate, I plan to attend physician assistant, with a particular focus in pediatric care. With my degree, I ultimately want to open a clinic for families in poverty and ensure they receive free health care. I chose to join the Peer Health and Wellness Education (PHWE) program, because I love to help people, and enjoy learning about the variety of topics related to health!

Payton Emmons headshotMy name is Payton Emmons and I am a senior graduating in December studying biology and neuroscience with a minor in chemistry. I joined the Peer Health and Wellness Education (PHWE) program because I have a strong interest in advocating for the health of others, especially my peers. This group has taught me so much about helping people of all backgrounds and in all areas of health; being a PHWE has been very valuable to my future career in medicine. My goal is to continue to understand the needs of our students and to constantly address and rid of any barriers that our healthcare regimen may have for those of differing cultures.

Kelly Fan headshotHi everyone! My name is Kelly Fan and I'm a senior at IU majoring in English and minoring in biology. I am passionate about diversity and inclusion in the field of public health. I became a Peer Health and Wellness Educator (PHWE) because I wanted to make an impact on the people closest to me: my fellow IU students. I appreciate being able to work on sensitive topics like sexual health and mental health in a really positive way. Feel free to ask me about classes, the Asian Culture Center, ultimate frisbee, and, of course, peer health and wellness!

Meredith Gable headshotMy name is Meredith Gable, and I am majoring in human biology with minors in Human Sexuality and Psychology. I joined the Peer Health and Wellness Education (PHWE) program after hearing about it as a member of the Sexual Health Advocacy Group (SHAG) here on campus. I am passionate about providing comprehensive, inclusive health education, and both PHWE and SHAG give me the opportunity to do just that. In the future, I hope to become a sex educator (and maybe even a sex counselor!) in order to work towards the destigmatization of sexual health and pleasure for people from all walks of life. 

Randy Germany HeadshotHi! My name is Randi Germany. I am a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences Individualized Major studying ‘Food Impact on Hospitality’. My major focuses on food as culture and how that has impacted the hospitality sector. This is my first year as a Peer Health and Wellness Educator (PHWE). My topics of interest include mental health, nutrition, and sex education. One goal I have as a PHWE is to encourage Crimson Connect students to attend at least two of our seminars. Outside of the PHWE program, I'm also a Groups Scholar, Secretary of Chi Alpha Epsilon, and Hoosier Experience Program Coordinator. Lastly, one interesting fact about me is I love cooking, and I showcase my talents on Instagram (@cookitupray). (Hopefully I'll have a restaurant of my own!)

Sophie Ideker HeadshotSophie Ideker is a senior from Shanghai, China and Harbor Springs, Michigan majoring in epidemiology with minors in public health and Chinese, and is also pursiing a certificate in business.

She loves being a Peer Health and Wellness Educator (PHWE) because she is passionate about health education and working with others to advocate for the health of students at IU. In her free time, she enjoys acting in plays/musicals, cooking & baking, and drinking tea.

Sarah Montgomery headshotMy name is Sarah Montgomery and I am a senior. I will be attending the IU School of Medicine next year to pursue a career as a physician.

I became a Peer Health and Wellness Educator (PHWE) in my junior year, and the experiences I have gained have enriched my college experience and impassioned me to continue to advocate for awareness surrounding many health issues. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, running, doing yoga, and spending time with my friends and family.

Andy Morris headshotMy name is Andy Morris and I am a townie, from Bloomington. I am a senior majoring in information systems at the Kelley School of Business, and joined the Peer Health and Wellness Education (PHWE) program for my additional interests in health education.

After graduation, I plan to acquire a job relating to the application of technology. I also love classical music, playing board games, and spending time outside.

price-paiten.jpgHello, my name is Paiten Price. I am a junior studying Community Health on the pre-medicine track. I enjoy things like going to the gym, cooking, reading, and being social. I consider myself a health guru which is my main reason for becoming a Peer Health and Wellness Education (PHWE) and my love for sharing my knowledge with others.

Through all my schooling and planned journey, my goal in life is to be an well-accomplished doctor that instills clean health habits in different communities.

kandace rippy headshotI am Kandace Rippy. I am a junior majoring in management and human organization with a double minor in African American and African Diaspora studies and healthcare management and policy. Some of my hobbies include baking and being with my friends. I joined Peer Health and Wellness Education (PHWE) program because I care about mentoring students and learning about their experiences. I am specifically interested in sexual health as a PHWE. Many students are not aware about sexuality and safe sex practices, and I want to make it my mission to teach and empower students to make better decisions about their sexual health. In the future, I plan to open a birth clinic for black women in hopes of decreasing their maternal mortality rate. I am super excited about continuing my participation in this organization for another year!

Jade Stone HeadshotMy name is Jade Stone and I am a senior studying psychology with minors in business and health studies. I plan to attend graduate school and pursue a career as a psychologist.

I have had experience in the equine assisted learning (EAL) and psychotherapy field,and have published a curriculum aimed at helping EAL centers teach youth at-risk essential life skills. With the PHWE program, my interests lie with mental health and nutritional wellness! 

Maddy Whitcomb headshotHello! My name is Maddy Whitcomb, I'm a junior in the School of Public Health studying community health with a minor in global health promotion. My hometown is Ann Arbor, Michigan, so I have always loved the Big Ten college atmosphere. I joined the Peer Health and Wellness Education (PHWE) group in hopes of extending my knowledge and passion for sexual health and education. This group has enabled me to do this by learning and growing with so many other students on campus! Some of my other passions include art, the outdoors, feminism, and pasta! :)

Ann Yebei headshotAnn Yebei uses she/her pronouns and is a Masters student in the School of Education’s Mental Health Counseling program. She is a volunteer with the Peer Health and Wellness Education (PHWE) program with the goal of contributing to the spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of all students and staff of IU Bloomington. Ann identifies as a culturally deaf Christian and loves practicing American Sign Language with friends, learning more about cultures, meeting new people, and learning new things!

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