Year of Wellness

Learn resiliency through the dimensions of wellness

Year of Wellness is all about helping you find your balance and build up a sense of resilience through wellness. 

What is resiliency?

Resiliency means responding to challenges and moving forward in a positive way. It is a set of skills that can be learned and practiced. By boosting your resilience, you can build and develop skills to not only cope with these challenges, but also bounce back from them and thrive.

The Wellness Wheel

The Wellness Wheel is a way to think about health holistically. It includes eight dimensions: social, physical, emotional, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial. Each of these dimensions of wellness are interconnected and work together to support a balanced life. While it is important to think of each dimension individually, being cognizant of how each dimension fits together is important and can contribute to your overall health. Adversity, stress, and day-to-day decisions made in your personal, academic, or work life impact each of these areas, influence how they ultimately function together, and affect your ability to bounce back from difficult and/or unforeseen circumstances.

As we progress through the Wellness Wheel, our goal is to help you develop resilience to alleviate these impacts when possible, consequently making it easier for you to achieve your specific health and wellness goals this year.

Get the Wellness Wheel Spinning

IU Bloomington offers a wide range of health and wellness resources targeted at getting you closer to life balance. Choose one of the eight dimensions of wellness below to begin your Year of Wellness adventure. 

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. You could start with the dimension you think has the most room for growth, or with the one that you deem to be the highest priority for you right now.