Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

For emergencies 24/7, call 812-855-5711
  • IU Health Center 4th Floor
  • For questions or to make an appointment (812) 855-5711


CAPS counseling and consultation services are confidential. CAPS does not release information to others without your written permission. The only exception involves situations where protection against explicit harm to human life is involved or there is child or elder abuse. Your counselor can answer any questions that you might have regarding confidentiality at the beginning of your session. 

If you would like your CAPS medical or counseling information sent to another provider, please complete this release form and mail or fax it to us. For your protection, you may receive a phone call confirming your request. 

IU Health Center, CAPS, 4th floor 
600 N. Jordan Avenue 
Bloomington, IN 47405  
Fax: 812-855-8447