Coalition for Overcoming Problem Eating/Exercise

Build a healthy relationship with food, body, and self

Do you have concerns related to eating, exercise, or body image? The Coalition for Overcoming Problem Eating/Exercise (COPE) is a multidisciplinary, collaborative network of professionals who are here to help support you.

We focus on assessing and identifying signs of disordered eating and eating disorders. We provide interventions for eating disorder issues through:

If you think you need more intensive treatment, such as a Partial Hospitalization Program, Intensive Outpatient Program, or residential treatment please call us at 812-855-5711 for more information.

Why come to us?

You can potentially benefit from our services in these ways:

  • Early identification and early intervention are both known to be keys to recovering from an eating disorder.
  • A positive experience with (or introduction to) therapy can encourage you to pursue further treatment.
  • We can create an introduction and plan that will help you:
    • Meet your individual nutritional needs.
    • Explore access to campus and community food resources.
    • Build a healthy relationship with food.
  • We can help you prevent behaviors from escalating or persisting.
  • You’ll increase your awareness and understanding of how problem eating began, what’s causing it to continue, and ways of coping.
  • We’ll help you manage your symptoms and get your behaviors under control.
  • We’ll help reduce lapse and relapse.

What to expect from a COPE assessment

  1. You’ll schedule a CAPS Now appointment for an initial consultation.
  2. A CAPS counselor will talk with you to get a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on.
  3. You’ll meet with a registered dietitian.
  4. We’ll give you feedback and plan your treatment.
  5. If necessary, you’ll be referred to other health care providers for further assessment.

Ready to get started?

To determine if COPE is right for you, call 812-855-5711 to schedule a CAPS Now appointment. Already a COPE client and need to complete paperwork?

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