Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

For emergencies 24/7, call 812-855-5711
  • IU Health Center 4th Floor
  • For questions or to make an appointment (812) 855-5711

For Families

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Sexual Assault Crisis Service (SACS) offers a wide variety of services beyond individual counseling, because we want to help students feel better, faster. We strongly encourage students to take advantage of these FREE services in-between individual counseling appointments, or even if they’ve never been to CAPS/SACS. Parents/guardians can help their students by encouraging them to try out these options.

All dates and times for workshops/groups listed below can be found on our Fall 2019 semester group offerings.

Free Drop-In Workshops

CAPS/SACS offers free, drop-in workshops throughout the semester, including Let’s Talk Now, Monday Motivators, Mindfulness, and Web Wednesdays workshops. These workshops are not group counseling sessions. Instead, they are similar to a class and are led by CAPS counselors. During these in-person and online workshops, counselors teach students strategies they can use immediately to improve symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety, and to better manage problems impacting their academic success. Attending these workshops can help students make changes faster and utilize their individual counseling sessions more fully.

  • Let’s Talk Now:
    Students can have a free, confidential, and informal conversation with an emphasis on self-understanding and finding solutions to their individual problems at Let’s Talk Now. Let’s Talk Now conversations can also connect students to other campus resources. Learn more.
  • Monday Motivators:
    These free workshops at Wells Library help students learn skills to manage stress, social anxiety, sleep, procrastination, and more! 
  • Online Workshops:
    Students can attend free online video chat sessions with a CAPS counselor to help them learn skills to manage stress, sleep, procrastination, time management, and more! 
  • Mindfulness Workshops:
    More than 4,000 research studies have shown Mindfulness to be a coping skill that can reduce anxiety and negative emotions while improving concentration and positive emotions! You can read about some of these benefits in the brief articles below. As few as 3 or 4 sessions can help students begin to feel better. Consistent Mindfulness practice produces physical changes in the brain areas that manage emotions. During this free workshop, students will be taught how to practice the Mindfulness skill, which they can then practice on their own or by continuing to attend our free weekly workshops. 
  • Mindfulness and Substance Use:
    This is a great option for students who want to make a change in their alcohol or marijuana use and want a non-judgmental, supportive approach. Meditation and mindfulness, practices used in this workshop, are research-proven interventions that can help reduce cravings.

Free Drop-In Support Groups

CAPS/SACS also offers free drop-in counseling support groups which are another great option for most IU students. In these small groups of 2-8 participants and 1-2 counselors, students receive weekly support from peers going through similar experiences and can learn how to problem-solve and better manage their individual symptoms. Some students feel uncomfortable talking to peers at first, but students typically overcome this within a short time.

Here’s what students who attend our groups say about their experience:

  • 100% agree with the statement: “I have a better understanding of myself and my problems/issues”
  • 89% agree with the statement: “I made progress toward my goals in group counseling”
  • “I was very satisfied with my group experience. I felt listened to, valued and included.”
  • “I was able to share things with my group that I was too scared to share with other people. Once I learned to do this, I started feeling better about myself.”

Our free drop-in support groups include:

  • Grief & Loss: This free workshop is for any student grieving the loss of a family member, friend, or partner. Anyone can attend this group, whether the loss was recent or years ago. These sessions provide students with information and support through the grief process, campus and community resources, as well as the opportunity to connect with others experiencing loss. 
  • Healthy Relationships: This free group is for any student who is questioning the health of a relationship (romantic, friendship, family), and/or recognizing patterns of power and control.
  • Chronic Illness: This free group is for any student who wants a space to share their story, connect with others, and develop tools for managing their illness. Students will explore useful topics such as grief related to their illness, sharing knowledge about their illness with others, navigating health care, and self-care. Sessions are concluded with a mindfulness practice, which has been shown to be beneficial in the management of chronic illnesses, and this can be explored further with our multi-session Mindfulness Meditation workshop.  
  • Self-Care and Support for Survivors: This free group is for any student who is a survivor of sexual violence/misconduct, interpersonal violence, intimate relationship violence, childhood sexual abuse, stalking or sexual harassment. The first 45 minutes of the group is a structured self-care activity, followed by a short break. The second 45 minutes of this group is an unstructured space to talk and get support from others. Students can choose to attend only the first or second parts of the group, or the entire session.
  • Trans Support Group: This free group is a safe and supportive environment for all transgender students to explore stressors related to identity, transitioning, transphobia, relationships, and mental health.
  • Empowering Students of Color: This free group is a support group for any student of color, and topics may include navigating spaces, negotiating privilege(s), and emotions triggered by experiences of discrimination and micro/macroaggressions.
  • Dissertation Support: This free group is for any graduate student in the writing phase of their doctoral dissertation.

Emergency Services:

IU students who experience a crisis in-between their CAPS/SACS individual counseling appointments can use the following resources:

Resources for help:

On-Campus Resources:

  • CAPS After-Hours Crisis Telephone Line:
    (812) 855-5711, Option 1

    Any parent/guardian or IUB student in crisis can speak to a trained counselor outside of CAPS/SACS standard business hours
  • SACS Crisis Telephone Line:
    (812) 855-8900
    Available 24 hours per day, every day to provide support, information, and advocacy to students or those concerned about students who have experienced sexual violence/misconduct, interpersonal violence, intimate relationship violence, childhood sexual abuse, stalking, or sexual harassment.
  • CAPS/SACS Emergency Walk-In Service:
  Students in crisis can come to CAPS/SACS (IU Health Center, 4th Floor) and ask to be seen in our Emergency Walk-In Service.
  • These brief sessions are meant to provide rapid assessment, support, and problem-solving during a crisis.
  • IUB Care Report: 
Anyone who is concerned about the health or safety of an IU student can submit an anonymous Care Report to IUB.  

Off-Campus Resources

  • IU Health Bloomington Hospital Emergency Department:
    (812) 353-9515
    Students who are at risk of imminent harm to themselves or others can go to their local hospital’s Emergency Department to be assessed for possible inpatient hospitalization and treatment.
  • IU Police Department:
    (812) 855-4111
    Parents/guardians concerned about an IU student who lives on-campus can call campus police to request a welfare check. A welfare check means campus police will go to the residence hall of a student to assess their safety and transport them to the hospital, if needed.
  • Bloomington Police Department:
    (812) 339-4477
    Parents/guardians concerned about an IU student who lives off-campus can call Bloomington Police to request a welfare check. A welfare check means Bloomington police will go to the residence of a student to assess their safety and transport them to the hospital, if needed.
  • 911